Why Choose Me?

  • 100% student exam pass rate 🙂
  • Two decades’ experience as a professional performer and teacher
  • Fully qualified (BA MA PGdip)
  • Easy to use online system allowing you to book and pay for lessons online, to setup automatic reoccurring payments for regular lessons and to cancel lessons whenever you need to for holidays etc (please give as much notice as you possibly can but as long as you make the cancellation at least 48 hours beforehand you will not be required to pay for the missed lesson)
  • I subscribe to the government service which keeps my Enhanced DBS status up to date (verified by MML)


What Will You Learn?

I will tailor-make your lessons to best suit your musical tastes and goals. After getting to grips with the basics the first part of the lesson for most people would usually be set aside for working on exam material. Exams certainly aren’t compulsory so please don’t get scared off if you really don’t want to take them but having set goals to aim for seems to be the best way for most people to stay motivated. It would be up to you whether you would like to opt for:

Classical ABRSM exams


Jazz ABRSM exams

The rest of the lesson would typically be spent working on something else of your own choosing. This could be anything you fancy e.g. Beatbox flute (check it out on YouTube!), jazz improvisation, memorising your favourite show-tune or pop song, improving the quality of your tone, working on breath control… the possibilities are endless!


Who Are The Lessons Suitable For?

Six years old to adult. Small children can start on a recorder (which has the same fingering as a flute) or on a flute with a specially modified head (see image below):


How Much Will You Need To Practise?

This will depend very much on your age and ability but consistent frequent practise is the only route to success. “Little and often” i.e. 10 minutes every day is all that should be expected of beginners.  Your sessions should then increase gradually by at least 10 minutes per Grade (20 minutes+ every day when preparing for Grade 2, 30 minutes+ when preparing for Grade 3, and so on). The key is to set aside a particular time of day for your practise and then to make it an automatic habit like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.


Teaching Hours

Monday-Thursday: 4pm- 8pm (please email info@sebastiennewilliams.com to check current availability)



Beginners and students preparing for Grades 1-4: £15 for 30 minutes

Students preparing for Grade 5 and above: £30 for 60 minutes

Gift vouchers are available to purchase for either existing or new students here (it will ask you to create a free account). If you have any technical issues please email info@mymusiclessons.org.uk and CC me info@sebastiennewilliams.com.